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Our Solutions

Pytronot simply means the word solution. However when it comes to recruitment and payroll services there is no one solution that fits or purposes. Pytronot offers six different solutions depending on the type of work your agency or company is involved with.

We do not believe the one size fits all and as such have many agencies that we use a number of our models to benefit both themselves and their contractors. We have solutions that will help every agency regardless of the sector that they work in and will make sure they are compliant with HMRC and employment law.

Many people have been put off using intermediary companies because of the legislation but if you are using a company like ourselves with compliant solutions that make sure you are within the guidelines and laws there is nothing to worry about. If your competitors are able to offer the same service for a lower cost the likelihood is they are already using us.

We aim to provide first-class customer service and have no hidden fees that are passed onto the contractors. With over 10 years of knowledge in the sector we have seen it so and evolved with the times.

We provide simple peril solutions to complicated employment matters for more information on the different models that we operate please call our offices where one of our staff will be more than happy to help you