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Pytronot UK Limited and Pytronot Construction Limited are part of the  Diamond Family Group and associated companies 

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HR Horror Stories with Pytronot Solutions

June 25, 2017

From someone watching porn in the office to the world’s worst boss, the

longer you work in HR, the less shocking things become. As HR experts, we

have seen our fair share of workplace and recruitment disasters and so we

thought we would share some HR horror stories:


“I once worked for a woman who could not remember my name.

Whenever she needed my attention, she would throw pens, pencils,

highlighters, staplers and even cups out of her office to summon me.” –

Sam, 27


“One candidate for our attorney position giggled the entire time during the

phone interview. My boss thought it was probably nerves, so he asked her for

a writing sample. She ended up submitting a detailed legal brief that used the

names of characters from the cartoon “The Family Guy” and placed them into

horribly violent situations.” – Sheridan, 28


“I was in the middle of a lunch meeting with a really fantastic client — a

professional sports team. We were sitting with my managing director, and

I was the only female at the table. My boss was talking about our

corporate culture and policies, and turned to me and said, “If you have an

HR problem, why don’t you come sit on my lap and tell me about it?” I

was mortified, everyone awkwardly laughed, and I’v


e never felt worse as

a female employee.” – Emma, 30


“During a phone interview, our recruiting manager could hear a candidate’s

mother giving the applicant answers to her questions. The interviewer asked

him, “Who’s feeding you the answers to my questions?” He said no one. The

manager told him she could hear his mother in the background. The applicant

got flustered and hung up.” – Sinitta, 45


“I actually worked for a boss from hell. He had crazy temper tantrums all

the time and even threw his lunch at an employee once when the

restaurant screwed up and gave him fried rice instead of white rice.” –

David, 35


“On my co-worker’s birthday, I bought her a card and made the mistake of

trying to get all 15 of my co-workers to sign it. I was told that birthdays

“just aren’t done here”. Apparently an office poll was taken years ago, and

everyone opted out of signing birthday cards.” – Sophie, 23


If you’re not sure how to manage and monitor your employee’s performance,

why not speak to the HR experts at Pytronot?


To find out more information about our HR services, call 0203 763 8666 or

email solutions@pytronot.co.uk


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