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How to Address Dress Code Violations in Summer

July 5, 2017

With ‘dress-down Fridays’ and company culture becoming more laid back in general, dress code policies have become more relaxed in many workplaces. However, due to this shift in policies and perceptions of professionalism, some employees may have differing views regarding acceptable uniform and this could cause problems for you.


This is particularly difficult in the summer, where dress codes are almost thrown out the window due to hot weather.


So how, as an employer, can you address and prevent dress code violations this summer?


Set Acceptable Dress in Thorough Detail


The details of your company’s dress code should be detailed in the employee handbook and discussed prior to hiring. By doing so, it means that all employees have an understanding of the dress code and know to comply. We suggest giving employees a list of what to wear such as ‘tailored, black trousers’ ‘white shirt with long sleeves’ etc.


The more thorough the explanation, the easier it will be for your employees to follow the code.


Be Consistent


As an employer, you are required to enforce the dress code to all employees. If you are seen not enforcing the dress code with particular employees, it may be perceived as discrimination. To avoid employee relation problems and potential lawsuits, make sure all employees know of the dress code and enforce it. Your employees will feel more comfortable knowing that everyone must abide by the same rules.


Have Reasons


Having a dress cod


e is all well and good, but you must have reasons to back up when your employees cannot wear certain items. If not, you could get yourself into a lot of trouble with certain employees like the many firms who recently imposed that women should wear high heels to work with no reasons behind it.


For example, if you have dress codes because of certain business needs such working with machinery or dangerous equipment, employees should be asked not to wear dangly jewellery or loose fitting clothing.


Remind Staff


When it comes up to summertime, like now, why not send out an email updating or reminding of the dress code – particularly if you have changed your dress code for summer.


It can help jolt your employees into realising they are violating the code and decrease the time you have to spend meeting with employees about their dress code.


Not sure you can manage enforcing and addressing your business’ dress code? Pytronot have a team of HR experts who can help manage and support you and your employees with any queries or issues you may have.


To find out more information, call 0203 763 8666 or email solutions@pytronot.co.uk

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